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Dr. Nadine Ebri's Platform 


Commitment to Innovative & Quality Educational Experiences

Nadine will champion a curriculum that emphasizes STEM and innovative technologies,
preparing our students not just to navigate the future, but to shape it.


Amplifying Our Community's Voice

Your voice is essential. Nadine commits to gathering input from the community to inform decisions that reflect the diverse needs and aspirations of our community.


Advancing Transparency and Safety in Education

Nadine is committed to utilizing our resources wisely to rehabilitate our schools, making them environments
where students feel both inspired and secure. Safety doesn’t mean arming our teachers; it means creating schools that are sanctuaries of learning and

About Dr. Nadine Ebri 

  • Global Education Community Manager for Microsoft.

  • 10 Years of Experience as an Educator in Duval County.

  • Leadership Florida, Education Chair for the Northeast Region (2023-2024).

  • Published Author of "Living Through Poetry" and "Go Next Door”.

  • Landed as a Top 5 finalist of the 180+ Teachers of the Year in Duval County (2020-2021).

  • Jacksonville Elks Lodge No. 221 Teacher of the Year Award 2021.

  • Featured in USA TODAY for inclusive and fun instructional practices.

  • EdTech Magazine's 30 K-12 IT Influencers to Follow 2023.

  • The International Society for Technology in Education’s 20 to Watch Award Recipient (2023).

  • Bachelor's in Elementary Education (2013), Master's in Educational Leadership (2018), Doctorate in Educational Leadership (2023) from the University of North Florida.

  • Global Presenter, presents at educational technology conferences worldwide, collaborating with school districts and leaders.

  • Viral Educator, instructional videos have garnered over 20 million views, inspiring educators globally.


Who Am I?

As I step forward to run for the school board, I want to share with you not just my credentials, but the heart behind my commitment.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, to parents who left their home country with hope in their hearts for a better life. When I was five, our family moved to Florida, where I spent a childhood marked by the love and laughter of being the second youngest of five siblings. It was from my mother’s unwavering belief in the power of education that I learned the most important lessons of my life. Despite our modest means, she convinced us that education was our golden ticket to a better future. This belief transformed our family—my oldest sister became a doctor, another a nationally recognized scientist and professor, another a dedicated lawyer, while I found my calling in education and technology, and my youngest brother excelled as a professional engineer.


I completed my education at the University of North Florida, where not only did I earn my degrees, but I also met my husband, my partner in life for the past 13 years. Together, we are raising our wonderful four-year-old daughter in this vibrant community, navigating the joys and challenges of parenthood as she thrives in Duval County Public Schools.

My career in education has been driven by a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of learning. I have dedicated myself to students who were often underestimated, inspired by the conviction that the right encouragement and support can redefine their futures.

Outside of my professional life, I find joy and renewal in the simple pleasures—family trips to Disney World, exploring Jacksonville’s diverse culinary scene with my husband, and just soaking in the everyday beauty of life.

Why Am I Running?

One question I often get asked is why I am running for the school board. For those who know me, the answer is clear: education has always been the cornerstone of my life. My passion for education stems from my upbringing, where my mother’s relentless push for academic excellence laid the foundation for our family's success. Teaching in Title I schools opened my eyes to the critical role our education system plays in offering a brighter future. However, our current system is faltering, with schools closing and students leaving in droves. This decline is heartbreaking, and the silence and inaction from those who should champion our children is disheartening.


I can no longer sit on the sidelines. I am running to be a bold voice and a steadfast advocate for our students, ensuring every child in our district has equitable access to quality education, particularly in STEM and vocational training. We need to put students over politics, making their well-being and success our top priority. I aim to bridge the gap between the community, parents, and our schools by creating spaces for collaboration and active participation in policy development.


It's essential that we all work together, regardless of political affiliations. Whether Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or NPA, we need all hands on deck to bring the community together, to listen to each other's voices, and to truly push our community forward. We have the potential to be the example here in Jacksonville. Our schools can demonstrate what it looks like when we put politics aside, prioritize our students, and come together to do what's best for our kids.


Last year, during a moment of reflection and prayer for our school board, a thought struck me profoundly: 'Why not you, Nadine?' This sentiment drives my campaign. I aspire to prioritize students above all else, regardless of their background. By electing me to the school board, you are choosing a future where every child has the opportunity to succeed, and our schools become havens of learning and growth. Together, we can create a district where every student can realize their full potential. #StudentsOverPolitics #VoteOnAugust20th


  • The Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF Local 122)

  • Dr. Diana Greene former Superintendent of Duval County Public Schools

  • Former Senator Tony Hill

  • Duval Teachers United (DTU)

  • The North Florida Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO)

  • Equality Florida

  • Jacksonville National Organization for Women

  • The Honorable Darryl Willie, Chairman of the Duval County School Board

  • City Councilman Matt Carlucci

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